Over the years myths about chiropractic have been created. While the majority of myths have no basis, they do exist and cause some confusion to individuals unfamiliar with chiropractic care.
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    Spinal Manipulation Hurts
    Most patients actually look forward to their treatment, as instant relief is often the case. In some patients, suffering from sever acute cases, some discomfort may be experienced, for obvious reasons. Some patients may also feel some mild post treatment soreness the first times. Same soreness can be felt the day after exercising for the first time in years.
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    Is Chiropractic Scientific?
    Chiropractors will always look for the safest and most effective treatment for their patients. The chiropractic profession as a whole is also very dedicated to conduct scientific studies to improve their diagnostic and treatment techniques. An array of scientific research now shows the efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness of chiropractics, and still there are new research coming out every year supporting this further. Please see research for more detail.
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    Chiropractic is expensive
    This myth is disapproved through a number of research studies done. Chiropractic has consistently shown to be cost effective in a number of government and worker’s compensation board studies.
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    You will have to see a chiropractor for the rest of your life
    This is a myth build on misunderstanding. Most chiropractors build their believes on maintenance. By keeping a healthy spine through a few visits to the chiropractor a year, can spare you from bigger more severe complaints. It is the same as seeing your dentist for regular checkups.
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    Chiropractors only treat back pain
    This is not true. Most chiropractors have a holistic view of the body. Which means looking at the body as a whole. Many low back conditions can be caused by lower limb problems, such as flat feet. These issues must be addressed for the low back pain to subside. Chiropractors also have great results when treating Tennis Elbows, Golfers Elbow, upper and lower limb tendinitis, headaches etc.