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Summer Drinking

As a Personal Trainer most people I know, including myself, drink alcohol.  I understand the reasons for not cutting it out of your life completely and would never tell anyone to stop.  However, you may wonder which the ‘healthiest’ drink to consume is …

Strength training for marathon runners

“My client is training for the London Marathon in April, should I be replicating more running specific movements, or simply any form of lower body conditioning?”

This was a very good question I received today from a personal trainer, and the answer to this not only adresses …

Aches and Pains

I set off for a run this morning; listening to good music, wearing new trainers and a smile.

I jogged through Hyde Park, past Buckingham Palace, checked the time on Big Ben and turned back along the Embankment. As I was nearing Chelsea Bridge Road I started to get some knee pains. I’…

Make Peace with Gluten

Sunday rigatoni. Friday pizza. Any day croissants. What do these all have in common aside from being regulars in my diet for decades? The ‘evil’ G word - gluten. And I am here to tell you with another G – this one for *gasp* - that they just are not that bad for you, and that …

Walking London

Either tourist or local, we all have one thing in common when being in London. We walk a lot… The only city that can challenge us at the top would be New York, maybe a few others.

Walking is good for us in many ways, but can all this walking also create problems?

We have …

Premenstrual Syndrome. Simple Measures to Fight It!

70 to 90% of women suffer Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) every month.

Are you one of them?

What is PMS?

Is a disorder that affects women one or two weeks before menstruation begins.

30-40% percent of women with PMS report symptoms severe enough to interfere …

One of Our Happy Patients

After an MRI scan on my right knee, I was told that an operation to repair a torn cartilage was unavoidable yet, because of my age, it had only a 60% chance of success. Because I was in such pain I had decided to proceed when quite by chance I came across a colleague of Dr Marius Jensen who, on …

Peak Performance

Overreaching can develop as result of intense training. This is often desired by elite athletes, to achieve an over-compensatory effect. Short recovery time before increased performance.

Overtraining is a long term condition as a result of too much …

What is Muscle Tension?

Muscle tension is a condition in which muscles remain semi-contracted for a prolonged period. It is normally caused by the physiological effects of stress and can lead to episodes of joint aches and pain. Common causes of physiological stress are demanding occupations, poor posture, repetitive …

Squatting The 'King' of All Exercises

Squatting is the single most effective exercise that you can do to lose fat and tone/strengthen muscle. All it requires you to do is place a weight across your shoulders in a standing position, then proceed to bend your hips and knees and then stand back up again. The beauty of squatting lies …

The Butterfly Effect

We are all familiar with the butterfly effect. An event in the past, determines the future. Now, instead of using a time frame, let’s apply that example to your body frame. Repeatedly, it is too common to see pain in the knee, hip or lower back because of your feet and ankles, ongoing …

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Corporate Services

Chiropractic has been shown through research to be extremely effective with high levels of patient satisfaction.

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